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    Date:2016/10/17       Number:1068       
    Insulating glass insulating glass is composed of two layers of glass, surrounded by high strength, high air tightness composite adhesive seal, sealing glass and glass adhesive, the middle layer of 6-9mm air filled dry gas, frame filled with desiccant, to ensure that the glass sheet dryness of the air. Because of its characteristics, have a cavity, and has relatively good insulation effect, so is widely used in the northern city. The sound insulation performance, high frequency noise in hollow glass (such as the human voice, the school loudspeakers sound) has good sound insulation effect, but the traffic noise (such as bus, train, aircraft engine noise noise noise) effect is not obvious, because the air cavity is a hollow glass resonance will occur in the the low frequency noise of low frequency and low frequency noise outside, more easily through the glass into the room. The production of insulating glass machine assembly line processing and manual processing of two kinds of processing pipeline for the large area (less than thousand square meters, more than 10000 square meters), the general use of manual processing for home users. A comparison of the two types of processing, machine production line product quality is relatively stable, Handmade product quality for each manufacturer will focus on the degree of quality and production process is different, the hollow glass quality is not good in half a year or longer after internal fog and cleaning.
    Many customers are the vacuum glass hollow glass vacuum glass that is, in fact there is a certain difference. Vacuum glass generally consists of two 4mm thick layerPlate glass A middle layer of glass with two 1.5mm thickness for the vacuum (and other thickness). Because of the formation of negative pressure between two pieces of glass in the process of vacuum pumping, will make two pieces of glass pull together, thus losing the vacuum layer, therefore, to flexible support between two layers of glass pad or a certain density support production of vacuum glass.
    Because the vacuum glass between two layers of glass is pumped into the near vacuum, so has the characteristics of high thermal resistance, thermal insulation products is very good, this is also the original intention of the design of the vacuum glass, with the thermal insulation performance of hollow glass is difficult to match.
    Vacuum glass than in hollow glass insulation performance, this is because the air inside the hollow glass with the outside world is the same, and the vacuum glass is almost vacuum and vacuum noise is not conductive, so hollow glass than the vacuum glass in the noise also is immeasurably, the finish after vacuum two pieces of glass, almost close together, so the production of vacuum glass to some minor support lining between two or three layers of glass. Although these support become sound bridge soniferous. But these support in a window only accounted for 1/1000 of the area is almost negligible, but most of the parts of vacuum can be separated off noise, so it is not tube What is the sound insulation window can not be completely separated off all the noise, so be sure to see the quality of the vacuum glass in the choice of sound insulation window of the vacuum glass can basically meet the sound insulation function.
    Laminated glass laminated glass is a kind of Safety glass The foreign production process, also known as laminated glass, can be two laminated together, can also be a multilayer together. Some glass sun long after foaming, this is because the use of wet clip method, therefore it is applied to Architectural glass Laminated glass class generally adopts dry clamp method, so you can avoid foam sandwich.
    The laminated glass although also has good sound insulation effect, but are still lacking, but in the middle of the membrane after treatment and adjust the composition of professional but can achieve very good sound insulation effect, it is a hollow glass and vacuum glass can not match the place. Of course, laminated glass for technical content of different manufacturers, produced by the sound insulation effect is not the same.
    Which things can be sandwiched between polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the PVB film (so called "PVB glass glass"), also can be in the middle of the polymer as the main component of the KK super elastic membrane (commonly known as the "super elastic KK glass"). Sound transmission loss angle, super elastic KK glass was higher than that of ordinary PVB glass, because PVB film texture is relatively hard, not like the polymer film so soft and has high elasticity. The laminated glass in the middle of the film if very soft and elastic, can increase the damping coefficient of sandwich glass, so as to improve the sound insulation of laminated glass. The sound insulation glass only ordinary PVB 28-34 dB, the sound insulation super elastic KK glass can reach 35-40 dB or greater.