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    Date:2016/10/17       Number:1148       
    Well, a door window and curtain wall industry situation, the market is huge

    When telling fenestration industry development situation, first talk about real estate.

    China's construction industry and real estate industry is the pillar industry of China's economic development, this conclusion has been in a number of speech of the central leadership, in the central file (in 2003 the State Council Decree No. 18) in the affirmative. Indeed, in 2004 the real estate development and investment growth of 28.1% in 2005, although the effect of macro-control, the growth rate has declined, but still higher than the total fixed asset investment growth. On absolute terms, 2005 1 to September, the national real estate investment 10378 yuan, accounting for investment in fixed assets 22.2%.

    From the gross domestic product (GDP) accounted for the proportion of above real estate GDP accounted for 20% of GDP, if the real estate related industries such as iron and steel, cement, glass, PVC, aluminum etc. were included, the proportion is larger.

    With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, China's annual new buildings of about 2000000000 square meters, including rural and urban areas, and various public buildings. Now China is building 40 billion square meters, in the next 10 years to build 30 billion square meters.According to the realization of a comprehensive well-off, should be a person, a household (120 square meters), 35 square meters per capita. Statistics show that China's urban per capita now only 24.97 square meters, each household is only 79.15 square meters, the national per capita still more than and 10 square meters, more than and 40 square meters per household is poor, it is said only residential towns, and rural areas, and public buildings, and the transformation of a large number of homes. This year the central economic work conference proposed that the policy of expanding domestic demand, expanding domestic demand is a long-term strategic policy for China's economic development and the basic foothold, and to encourage housing and other large consumer goods will be one of the main measures to expand domestic demand. In this huge demand, the demand of China's real estate development, real estate will be very great.

    Look at the development situation of China's curtain wall industry.

    Due to the rapid development of China's real estate industry, but also led to the rapid development of China's curtain wall industry. Several groups of Digital China speaking in front of the building, can be calculated and the demand for windows and doors. Generally speaking, a building in the construction area calculation, 10% window, 15% doors, the annual new housing demand for 2 billion square meters, more than 500 million square meters of doors and windows, such as taking into account the existing transformation, this number would be big, I have seen in some European countries, their production of doors and windows 58% for the old windows update, about 42% in the new building. 500 million square meters is not a decimal, demand across Europe every year window is only one hundred million square meters. According to statistics, in 2004 the aluminum door and window curtain wall industry production, the doors and windows of 124 million square meters, 55 million square meters of curtain wall, the output value of up to about 100000000000 yuan. The above figures about the domestic market, but also abroad this one important market, our country's technology, products, doors and windows, doors and windows doors and windows assembly equipment, hardware etc. have to go out, we have to go out. It is understood that the equipment business enterprises, many of the doors and windows curtain wall have a lot of export, I recently received the mayor of Guangdong Nanhai Dali Town, Dali Town, he said every day to export 100 tons of aluminum, a year to 3-4 million tons.Aluminum, plastic material Nanshan Group annual export is also 2000 to 3000 tons, several large enterprises have a lot of curtain wall engineering in Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other countries. Russian Federation building, 85 floor, 430 meters high, known as the tallest building in Europe is Shenyang Yuanda design and construction of curtain wall engineering. This is a good thing, should continue to work hard, make good use of two markets both at home and abroad.

    Two, door window and curtain wall industry problems, a rare opportunity

    After seeing the situation, the development prospects of the curtain wall windows at the same time, also want to see our shortcomings, mainly is: low level redundant construction and overcapacity still exists; the regional imbalance is obvious; the market is not standardized, price competition; enterprise more than excellent, but not strong; technology development strength is weak, the lack of talent; and the quality is not high; the problem of environmental pollution is unsatisfactory in the production process. We hold this forum in Shandong Nanshan is to study new technology of doors and windows, find our problems, improve the ability of technological innovation, in order to maintain our windows industry sustained rapid and healthy development.

    I want to emphasize that China fenestration industry can get rapid development, or that the future can benefit from rapid development, we encountered three opportunities:

    One is the building energy saving. This is a very important point, the beginning of this year's central economic work conference, the central leadership clear instructions: to develop energy-efficient type of housing, the promotion of energy-saving technology, and make emphasis on the implementation of energy and material saving, water-saving standards, in accordance with the deceleration of quantification, reuse and recycle principle, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, to achieve sustainable the economic and social development. Building energy saving is not only an economic problem, but also an important strategy.

    Recently pointed out that in the fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee through the "11th Five-Year" planning proposals: strengthen conservation awareness and encourage the production and use of energy-saving products, the development of energy-efficient type of construction, saving resources, the formation of healthy and civilized consumption mode.

    The shocking building energy consumption in our country, the above statistics show that China's building energy consumption has accounted for 40% of national energy consumption, building energy consumption and industrial energy consumption and transportation energy known as the three major energy consumption in toronto. Speaking in front of the house every year in our country building development at the speed of more than 20%, the annual completion of an area of about 2000000000 square meters, of which more than 90% high energy consumption buildings; the existing buildings of 40 billion square meters, more than 95% for high energy construction. China's energy consumption per unit building area is 2-3 times that of developed countries.

    Building energy conservation is a complicated system engineering, including external subsystems, house face system, ground subsystem, heating ventilation system health refrigeration subsystem, and windows (mainly outside the window) in front of several subsystem, subsystem of national relevant departments and industry associations will take action, many policies and regulations will be the introduction, the key is the relationship between window systems and building is very close, we should pay more attention to the whole industry.

    The window is one of the opening parts of building envelope, is building the "eyes", it bears the human and nature, both indoor and outdoor communication and the separation of multiple utility function in the coordination of the construction and the environment. Windows and thermal insulation, shading, anti rain, blocking various effects of noise etc.. The performance is generally poor Chinese, energy consumption per unit area of the window is 2-3 times that of the developed countries, but also the quality of the window function, for the health of the residents, comfortable life and working conditions, have a significant impact.

    Since the reform and opening up, China's doors and windows industry has a rapid development, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and various composite doors and windows enterprise tesley and built a large number of production base, from developed countries to introduce a number of advanced technology and equipment, to meet the basic needs of the construction industry, the real estate industry and people's living the.

    About half of the window for the whole building energy consumption, this is a very alarming figure, but we did not attach enough importance to catch the past, profiles, grasping the equipment of course is very necessary, there is no good profile, no good, no good door window assembly equipment hardware fittings, the doors and windows products also can not do. But we should admit that the past, our understanding of the doors and windows of doors and windows, grasping efforts to cultivate enterprise on the doors and windows, doors and windows technology investment and technological innovation, promotion of the doors and windows brand is not enough. The plastic profile we can casually say a few large enterprises such as Shide, conch, north, aluminum has formally approved by the seven China brand: Hing Fat, Asia Aluminum, Guangya, Jianmei, Taishan, Zhong Wang, nanshan. Still, Wang Li, Yang Fei, Panpan, Maxim's five security door has recently been named the national brand Chinese. And the windows, it is said not to come out, no country, no provinces. Since the doors and windows is a system engineering, is an industrial chain in the chain and the final product, we should be like the developed countries that hold doors and windows (especially outside the window) the leader, to truly achieve energy efficiency standards.

    The theme of this conference is very important, is to promote the use of energy-saving doors and windows, and to seize the theme of the development of the whole industry in the future, this is a challenge, is an opportunity, we must seize the opportunity to develop the market, to meet the challenges, to research and development, the promotion of energy-saving doors and windows.

    What is the energy-saving window, how to make energy-saving window? This is the whole industry must attach great importance to take immediate action to the problem. This is the theme of the forum held in such. How to make energy-saving doors and windows? Recently, I asked the experts, they said, should grasp the main energy-saving window profile (box fan), glass, metal parts, sealing parts, assembly and installation on the wall several links:

    1 steel, aluminum, plastic and wood composite materials in a variety of different advantages can make a good profile. The PVC profile has good thermal performance, the value of K in Beijing has reached 2.8. In recent years the emergence of thermal break aluminum can greatly improve the thermal performance of windows, K values below 3 (aluminum K constant heat value in more than 6), plus Aluminum Alloy anodizing, electrophoresis paint, plastic coating, fluorine carbon spraying coloring technology development, Aluminum Alloy energy-saving doors and windows the curtain wall is very popular.

    2 glass accounted for about 80% of the whole area of a window, such effects of the choice of window glass. The hollow glass (two layers of glass at a distance of more than 12mm) K value below 3 (single glass in more than 6). LOW - E glass, in the winter can prevent indoor heat wave injection, and can prevent the infrared incident in the summer, such as filling nitrogen K value below 2.

    3 hardware accessories energy-saving effect is more obvious, in the past we have not enough attention, investment is not much, arrested late, greatly affected the quality and effect of energy saving doors and windows. Recently several famous European hardware factory Chinese optimistic about the market, have to invest and set up factories.

    4, top seal seals is an important part of the window, the energy-saving effect is very obvious, can not be ignored.

    The 5 is the most important step of processing and assembling finished doors and windows. Speaking in front of the past, we do not pay enough attention on the doors and windows assembly plant, in the future we must attach great importance to this as the "leading" to drive up the whole industry, energy-saving doors and windows must be grabbed from the assembly.

    6 installation on the wall is an important link in the final windows system engineering, a good window on the wall if the assembly is not good, can not reach the effect of energy saving. The gap between the window frame and window wall, must use polyurethane foam insulation materials filled with sealing paste tightly, inside and outside the edge of closed crack, seepage.

    In addition to the above 6 points, sun shading and ventilation facilities and equipment, open mode and so on. Open the way is very important to push pull effect of energy saving windows and casement windows and fixed windows are obviously different.

    Second opportunity is the Beijing Olympic Games, the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Shanghai World Expo, and the western development, the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, the central rise, pioneered the development of the eastern part, these are good opportunities for the development of fenestration industry, in 2008 the Beijing Olympic venues construction as an example, it is no exaggeration to say that almost all of the stadium hall, steel structure, curtain wall, doors and windows are made by the members of our association. The National Grand Theater, the new CCTV, Beijing new TV station, the capital airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and other key projects, steel structure, curtain wall, doors and windows are also our membership. The window is in the Great Hall of the people, is also a member of our production.

    Third opportunity is the broad rural great doors and windows market. In the "11th Five-Year plan" in a headline is "building a new socialist countryside". The construction of new socialist countryside is a major historic task in China's modernization process planning requirements, "according to the development of production, affluent life and countryside civilization, village neatly, management democracy, from all over the reality, respect the wishes of farmers, steadily push forward the new rural construction." We should pay attention to the "clean village" this sentence, re planning a town, village relocation and renovation work, "the village is planned, carried out, in order to save land and houses to be demolished, new houses to be built, the future direction of development of real estate will be gradually from city to the urban and rural areas, demand for doors and windows is how much, as can be imagined.

    Three, the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, the whole industry to achieve faster and better development

    A product, an enterprise, an industry can get rapid development, rely mainly on the price of the products, product quality and customer service service products, this is our own reasons. From the external conditions, market demand, consumption growth is more important. Speaking in front of our country, the real estate industry a huge market, because the real estate opportunities in China to pull, door window and curtain wall industry, development time, huge space, a bright future. The task in front of us is how to maintain rapid and healthy development of the fenestration industry. The price war is inevitable, but we should not get excited over a little thing, put more focus on improving the quality of service and customer service, especially the improvement of product quality and product upgrading, quality is behind the technology innovation. Our windows quality is unsatisfactory, steel, aluminum, plastic material to assembly equipment to innovation, to innovation, innovation, glass hardware innovation, seal to innovation, open the way to innovation, always a smooth sliding window does not work, should popularize the casement, a sunshade system etc.. In short, we should adhere to the scientific concept of development, the adjustment of industry structure, change the mode of growth, increase the ability of original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation, strive to master the key technology of curtain walls and windows, improve the overall technical level, to establish the business oriented, market-oriented, combining production and research the technology innovation system.