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  • What is the special glass?
    Special glass refers to the application of modern technology in special glass. It's a lot of variety, increasingly wide range of applications. Here is a brief introduction of several manufacturing principle and performance of special glass. Protective glass door glass generally refers to the anti X or gamma ray or neutron shielding glass. Increased because of the atomic number increases the material of metal radiation absorption ability with containing the heavy metal oxide, so the glass contains a large amount of protection. For example - X - ray glass contains more amount of PbO, BaO, anti ray glass contains more amount of PbO, WO3, Bi2O3 etc.. Because the gamma ray penetration ability is much stronger than X ray, so gamma ray protective glass and the proportion of lead equivalent radiation protection glass is much higher than that of X.
  • 特种防火55直播官网分为哪几种谁清楚?
    There are five main types of special fireproof glass, which is a laminated composite fireproof glass, the second is the special wire fireproof glass, fireproof glass, the hollow fireproof glass, fifth is high strength single flameproof glass
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