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    The core values of | create value, the pursuit of excellence
    Create value:
    Create value for the country, increasing the value of state-owned assets.
    Create value for customers to provide quality products and services to customers.
    Create value for shareholders, is ideal for shareholder returns.
    For the company to create value, solid foundation for sustainable development.
    Create value for employees, respect and help the employees realize self value.
    Create value for the society, the harmonious development of environment and society, the pursuit of the company.
    The pursuit of excellence:
    Build excellent team, build a good moral character, full of passion, the outstanding performance of staff.
    The implementation of management excellence, deepen management innovation and improve enterprise management quality.
    To provide excellent service, adhere to customer first, to meet the growing needs of customers and the community.
    Application of superior technology, strengthen independent innovation, to enhance the core competitiveness of the company.
    The creation of excellent performance, encourage enterprises and employees to create high performance, the pursuit of high performance.
    The construction of a culture of excellence, nurturing a unique corporate culture, embodies the humanistic care.