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     Liaohe Group (full name of Liaohe special glass Limited by Share Ltd), was founded in 1991, mainly with special glass, high-tech materials research and development, production and sales as one, to create a complete production and marketing chain, to provide comprehensive and high-quality products and service to customers.

    Group affiliated enterprises including Shenyang City Liaohe special glass factory in Shenyang City, the Tieshan transportation equipment Co. Ltd., Shi youter (Shenyang) New Material Co Ltd.

    Shenyang Liaohe special glass factory (hereinafter referred to as the special glass) as the core enterprise group, founded in 1991, is the Northeast glass deep processing industry veteran enterprises, is also the first domestic engaged in R & D and production of glass electric locomotive. Since the development of electric products have various types of glass, its technical level are in the first column of the international electric heating glass. In addition to electric glass, the special glass also provides all types of locomotive and railway vehicle parts of glass products, wherein the front windshield with high speed locomotive with excellent impact resistance, splash proof performance and lightweight characteristics, is the enterprise the most core competitiveness of products.

    Shenyang Liaohe Tieshan transport equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Tieshan) was founded in 2013, is located in the Shenyang coastal zone, to the production and operation of railway locomotive whole window, is Chinese Zhongche certification of qualified suppliers, Liaohe Tieshan committed to the growth of railway equipment in the field of high precision for the development of enterprises, to build national railway locomotive.

       Shi Youde (Shenyang) new materials Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shi youter) was founded in 2016, is a high-tech enterprise, the development of new glass materials, polymer materials, the enterprise has a group of professional and experienced R & D team, according to the research and development of technology of special glass materials, special materials. The products are mainly used in the development of the locomotive, automobile, electronic display field, product breakthrough characteristics limited conventional application, has the characteristics of high strength, impact resistance, light weight, safety, strong function, the future will be disruptive applications in many fields. Application of yourneed adhering to the "leading innovation in technology, using technology to create the future, to meet the market, positive enterprising, provide more good performance of products in the market.

    The company has 2 brands, including "pure art" brand in 90s has entered the market, the development has been all over the domestic car, subway, city rail and EMU, the domestic locomotive windshield out of every 4 1 printed with "pure art" trademark; "Shi youter" is the company recently launched according to the electronic market of high-tech material products brand, with the constant introduction of new products, the market will gradually be accepted by users and the future, Liaohe Group focused on the heart, specializing in business; based on high-tech glass production, will become the industry leader.

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    Product Area

    We have been committed to the development of new glass technology, including hot bending glass technology is one of the core technologies, while ensuring the accuracy of the effective bending body maintain good optical properties, optical distortion is less than or equal to 2', the surface quality can reach the level windshield requirements; our products are used in high speed train windows, high speed in the long run 350km/h to maintain a good ; electric heating of glass is one of the core of enterprise products, product technology, continuously updated technology constantly improved, we introduced various types of electric heating durable glass, which curved glass heating setup, superior optical performance, with stable performance by the user's market share of all ages.

    Enterprise Honor

    North has the most advanced industrial glass production and testing facilities

    Professional technical development team, independent design and development ability of glass design

    Quality system and customer service system to improve the overall quality